Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Never Too Early to Save the Season, I'm Not Using the "R" Word

The Mets need to make the decision this week to save the season.  They can continue with things status quo, probably hit a hot streak at some point, and then hover around .500 for the remainder of the season.  The problem with all that is, the FANS deserve more than that. 

They need to either shit or get off the pot.  Either you go forward trying to win this season, staying afloat until Murphy and Beltran come back, and hope that your options to start over Maine/Perez, work out.  Or they can just go with the kids early and see what this team can be about for the future.  That's not called re*****ing when you have players like Wright, Reyes, etc...It's called trying to win with young players.  If the Mets were to bring up Ike/F-Mart/Gee, guys like that, they might actually have a better chance at winning this season than if they were to try to survive with Murphy/Tatis/Jacobs/Maine/Perez.  Maybe the organization should hear what fans are saying.  The fans want to win this year, but they're so excited about their young talent that this may be the only time you can infuse the team with these kids and still have a positive feeling amongst the fan base, without dropping the dreaded "R" word.

But first thing's first...

Jerry Manuel has got to go.  He's clearly NOT the manager for the future of this team, and he's NOT doing a very good job of being the manager'S THE POINT?  Why is he being kept around if the future of this team doesn't include him, and he's not going to win with this team now.  I don't get it.

Besides that, I think taking into consideration Sunday's comment where he admitted to not having the team prepared, and his comment yesterday about being "discouraged" by his team's Sunday performance (see Burkhardt on twitter).  No team can succeed when their manager doesn't have confidence in them.  And right now, it sounds like Jerry isn't positive at all...and why should he be?

As much as I want to say the problems with pitching and the holes in the order are the biggest issues for this team, part of me think it's Jerry.  It's got to be hard to play for a guy who's just trying to save his job.  Willie was bad...but this is worse...

So, it's time.  The Mets need to shed Jerry and make a move to try to win with some younger players in those holes.  It's probably the only time Mets fans will be on board with this plan, and to be honest, it's a nice way to skirt around using that nasty "R" word...


  1. How about Backman/Teufel?

    It's clear Jerry is not the future manager why mess around and waste a season?