Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mets Go 2-4 on Road Trip, But Won One in St. Louis (Omar Loves It)

Tonight the Mets fell to the Cardinals 5-3 (box score) on two big homers by Ludwick and Colby Rasmus.  John Maine was acceptable tonight, which is a glowing endorsement compared to what he had done in his earlier outtings this season.

The only real positive at the plate was Angel Pagan who drove in the only two earned runs off of Wainwright tonight, who after a rough third inning looked unhittable.

Honestly, there is nothing else to say, EXCEPT, that tomorrow it looks like we'll finally be seeing some Ike.

Overall though, this team is struggling, and the only hope is that more change is on the way and that it'll happen early enough to give them a real chance to compete this season...

Please, fire Jerry and Omar and give this team and this season, a chance.  A team cannot win in spite of their manager, so it's about time to give the team a chance.

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