Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Suspended Player is Edinson Volquez

Damn it.  I forgot to guess guys on the DL.  Weak on my part.  I apologize to any other suspects I guessed, and were wrong about.  Although I think those guys really deserve apologies from McGwire and Bonds for making everyone guilty until proven innocent...

Anyway according to SI.com's Jon Heyman on twitter, the recipient of the much anticipated PED suspension is Reds pitcher Edinson Volquez.  No debate here on the "semi-big" name.  It's a 50 gamer for Volquez, and I'm assuming it was an injury/recovery situation.  Apparently there is an article soon to come on SI.com.

I'll update with the link when it's up...

UPDATE: According to Jerry Crasnick on twitter, this suspension for Volquez starts immediately.  This is terrible, the guy is on the DL, what's the point of suspending a guy who can't play, seriously...All this does is make MLB look stupid.  Way to go Bud.

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