Sunday, April 4, 2010

Green, Cat and Jerry: Here We Go

According to Mike Puma of the New York Post pretty much all the roster spots have been locked up.  In the article Puma says that Sean Green has "earned" the final spot in the bullpen over Raul Valdez.  I prefer Green to Valdez on this team for reasons I'll explain right after this, but you cannot tell me Green "earned" the spot.  He was terrible, Valdez was good, Figgy was good.  If anyone earned the spot, it was Figgy or Valdez, NOT GREEN.  But I digress...

As bad as Green has been this spring, I'd rather have him in this 'pen over Valdez.  I know that sounds fairly ridiculous considering how bad Green was last year and this spring (and me just saying he didn't earn it).  But overall I like the idea of having SOMEONE in the 'pen besides K-Rod and Feliciano who has been there before on a big league level.  Besides, I was one of the people who felt Green was a nice throw-in on the Putz deal last year, so maybe the team is just giving him another crack at it.

Puma also says, "Mejia, Takahashi, Nieve, Ruben Tejada, Mike Jacobs and Frank Catalanatto have all been told they will make the team, provided they are healthy."  Cat is a nice story and I hope he can prove me wrong and stick with the team because he seems like a nice guy, but this is another instance where I feel he didn't earn the spot.  I still maintain that Carter should be on this roster somewhere.

And I really hope Jerry and Omar prove me wrong and aren't just trying to save their jobs with this Mejia move.  I just don't think you stunt a kid's growth by moving his role around, especially when the cieling for him is as high as it is.   Once again, I think it's easier to find a set-up man than a top-of-the-rotation starter.  But, Bill Madden of the Daily News sees Jerry as an "endangered manager" and I think Jerry does too.  And as I've seen people do what they need to do to protect their livelihoods, especially when given a chance at such a good one, as a manager in New York.

Opening Day is tomorrow...let's go Mets.

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