Sunday, April 18, 2010

Prime Time Game, Prime Time Line...Ehhhrrr...Nevermind

Here's the Mets line-up for the game currently underway against the Cardinals on ESPN, courtesy of Metsblog:

Reyes SS
Cora 2B -----NICE!
Wright 3B
CATALANOTTO 1B ----Really, Jerry?
Francoeur RF
Matthews Jr. CF
Barajas C
Pagan LF
Maine P

Ok, I get that they played 20 innings last night, but let's be reasonable here Catalanotto should never be hitting clean up.  This isn't Toronto in 2002.  And I get the righty/lefty situation, but this is ridiculous.  Sure, give him the start, because can't be worse than Tatis and Jacobs, but don't hit the guy clean up.

And no Bay?  He's the only guy who went 0-7 yesterday who isn't in the line up (Reyes and Francoeur are in).  If I were Bay, after yesterday I'd be dying to get up there.  And now that I have to wait another day, I would be jumping out of my shoes next time I'm at the plate. All Jerry is doing here is guaranteeing he presses tomorrow.  Way to go Jerry.  You're the worst...

So far the game is going better than planned, mostly thanks to an awful error from Wainwright.  No complaints here...

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