Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Maine, Mets Get Sunk Early Against the Rockies

Tonight the Mets, and Maine, got sunk in the 3rd inning by the Colorado Rockies, and eventually lost by the final score of 11-3 (box score). 

Maine didn't help himself at all tonight, when in the third, after knocking down a comebacker he stumbled back to the ball and weakly flipped it down the line.  Fernando Tatis tried to scoop the ball, but to no avail and the ball skipped down the line and opened the flood gates tonight.

This game reminded me of last year.  It was basically unwatchable.  The third inning was awful, and the rest of the game wasn't much better, as the Mets managed only 3 runs on 9 hits, 4 of which came from Wright and Reyes (2 each, one homer from Wright). 

This was an awful game, an awful outting from Maine, and honestly I don't think I could watch the rest of the season if there's more of this...

Oh, by the way, this week isn't getting any easier.  Tonight's game against Greg Smith was SUPPOSED to be the easier one....unreal.


  1. They have to skip Maine his next time through don't they? The Cardinals may score 10 runs before he gets an out.

  2. No doubt. He cannot make his next start, which would be Sunday against Wainwright. I know Mejia's not stretched out, but why not go for broke and let the kid have a shot. Or give it to Nieve.