Monday, April 19, 2010

Tonight's Line-Up...

Here's tonight's line-up as posted via-photo on Metsblog:

Pagan CF
Second Baseman 2B
Wright 3B
Bay LF
Francoeur RF
Davis 1B
Barajas C
Cora SS
Niese P

Reyes gets a night off, which may help him clear his head.  He seems almost depressed lately, and I don't think I could ever remember him not smiling on the field.  Either way, that's not the big story because Ike is up, and in the line-up.

In another post on Metsblog, Omar is quoted as saying that Davis will not be part of a platoon.  This is great news because it limits the amount of Tatis we will see, and will also give the kid a real opportunity to play.  That is probably the best idea Omar has ever had...

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