Saturday, April 3, 2010

Roster Cuts, and Why These Moves Are Terrible

Metsblog reported yesterday that the Mets made some cuts after last night's game in St. Petersburg against the Rays, here.  According to Cerrone, Chris Carter, Nelson Figueroa, Kiko Calero, Bobby Parnell, Russ Adams and Elmer Dessens will not make the opening day roster.

The fallout from these moves bother me more than the moves themselves.  Here's my beef:

This most likely means Mejia will make the 'pen, which really bothers me because I think it will stunt his development as a starter. 

Ruben Tejada will now make the opening day roster, and then will be sent down within a week...stupid.

There is the potential of the Mets carrying three lefties in the 'pen, Takahashi, Valdez and Feliciano.  This is annoying because it's my understanding that if they all were to make the 'pen that Valdez would be the specialist while Takahashi is probably the long man, and Feliciano would split set-up duties, possibly with Mejia.  But if you're bringing the rookie north with you, wouldn't it be because you think he will ACTUALLY have an impact, as the set-up man.  Not just to say he was brought up.

And finally, the first base situation.  Now that Carter is out, which makes absolutely no sense to me, it seems like we're looking at a Tatis/Jacobs platoon.  That's awful.  Tatis is the worst.  Can't they go get Lowell now or something.  Anything to get Tatis out of a starting role. 

Carter and Figueroa got jobbed.  They both played well enough in the spring to make the team.  It's crap that they both didn't but worse that Carter didn't.  He was the best offensive force, arguably, the Mets had all spring.

That's my beef and I'm sticking to it...

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