Monday, April 26, 2010

I Lost This Weekend, Good Thing the Mets Didn't: Tonight's Line-Up

This weekend Mets fans were treated to a nice weekend of baseball as the team swept the Braves and looked pretty decent doing so (or the Braves looked horrible-probably a combo).  I enjoyed watching the games, as much as I could, while not being able to blog.  Anyway while the team was winning, I was down in AC losing. 

So, in order to keep that streak alive, I'll be going to the game tonight, in an effort to lose more money (beers, dogs, etc.), which will hopefully translate into a fifth consecutive Mets victory.  On a personal note, I'd be willing to keep this money losing susperstition going if this would guarantee a winning season (playoffs? - Where's Jim Mora when you need him?).  Anyway, the Mets are 1-0 when I'm in the "Citi" this season and looking to stay on the winning side of things.

Here's the Mets line-up tonight, as forwarded from Metsblog, and originally tweeted by the Mets themselves:

No Day off for this 2B

I haven't had a chance to comment again on Reyes hitting third, which I'm still not wild about, but I guess if they're winning they could hit the second baseman second and I wouldn't care.  And one more thing, I'd like to express my dissappointment in not being able to see my man-crush Francoeur tonight.

A little part of me died...

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