Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ready To Unload: An Internet Radio Show Worth a Listen

There's a new (to me) internet sports talk-radio show worth giving a listen to on Tuesday nights at 9:05, and it's called Ready to Unload.  Hosts Cal and Sanpete do a good job addressing the important issues in sports, and specifically in baseball, with a special focus on New York team.  It's just like listening to Mike Francesa, just leaner, and less likely to call Russell Branyan, Robert Bronyun...

On a serious note, Sanpete is a catcher by trade and knows his ball.  Together Cal and Sanpete really combine to provide some entertaining, intelligent analysis of this week in sports every Tuesday night live at 9:05 ET, here.  It's worth giving them a listen, and if you can't listen live on Tuesday, check out their archive and listen to some older episodes, and find out for yourself what these guys are all about.

Also, on a personal note Sanpete is a Mets fan.  So he gets pretty passionate about his team, definitely worth a listen...

You can also follow them on twitter @SanpeteRTU or @BCal21

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