Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Alright You're In Dawson, The Rest of You Wait in Line

So, the baseball writers have made their votes and only one new member was selected to the Hall of Fame today. Andre Dawson finally got the votes he needed to be inducted, on his ninth try. Dawson will join Whitey Herzog and umpire Doug Harvey, both of whom were chosen by a Veterans Commitee back in December.

Dawson had over 400 homers and 1,500 RBI in his career, most of which happened for the Montreal Expos. This could potentially make him only the second player ever in the Hall to be wearing an Expos cap. The first being, The Kid, Gary Carter.

Bert Blyleven missed out yet again in his 13th year of eligibility, along with first timers Roberto Alomar, Barry Larkin, Edgar Martinez and the Crime Dog, Fred McGriff. Of those who missed out, my feeling is Larkin, Tim Raines, Alomar (despite his character issues) and McGriff will make it soon, with Edgar Martinez (the poster boy for DH's) not getting enough support from purists who feel his career was prolonged by the DH, giving him inflated numbers.

It is also interesting to note that Mark McGwire did not make it again. And most likely won't, in my opinion, due to his questionable steroid use.

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