Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chapman Throws Everyone a Wrinkle, Signs With NL Team

Alright, last week from everything I read I would have bet money Chapman was going to end up with the Blue Jays or Angels. WELL....

Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports is tweeting that an unknown National League team has signed Chapman to a $30 Million deal.

As a Mets fan, the first thought I have is, if they signed Chapman that better be 3 or 4 years and I'd be ok with the risk. He's risk reward like Sheets/Wang, but is younger and less injured. ALTHOUGH he is unproven at the major league level, I would be ok with the risk. If it's for 2 years, I am not pleased.

UNFORTUNATELY, I have a feeling he's going to end up in Florida with the Marlins, Milwaukee or San Francisco, who could use a left-handed starter.


Jeff Passon is saying it's looking like the Reds signed Chapman on a 5 year/$30 million. This is a great deal for Cincinnati, $6 mill a year is the same amount Luis Castillo is making. Not rubbing it in, but I'm just saying I'd rather have Chapman...

I will update as information is known...


It's looking more and more like it's the Reds, according to Passon. For a team that was allegedly cutting salary, adding $6 mill a year is an interesting move. Is there more movement on the horizon in the Queen City?

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