Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Delgado with Jays? Molina back in SF?


Rotoworld has been dropping bombs the last few minutes. First, they relay a report out of Puerto Rico saying the Jays have signed Carlos Delgado, here.

And then within minutes they dropped knowledge that Chubbie Molina resigned for one year with the Giants, here.

I'm happy that Delgado found a play to play this year, but I'm even more excited it's not with the Mets. No offense to Carlos, the guy can hit and gave us some great thump in his time in NY, but a hip injury in the National League, where you have to field, is a tough one. I hope he plays well in Toronto as a DH.

As for Chubbie Molina, I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I would have liked Molina on a one year/$4.5 million pact. But on the other I think this is a sign the Mets are going to put more of their efforts into their pitching staff, which needs it, or has something else lined up. I liked the idea of Molina catching, but not at the risk of Thole's development, but he ended up signing a one year deal. So...more than anything else, I'm just interested to see what exactly the rift was here, since years didn't seem to be the problem.


It seems as though Torrealba is the next catching target for the mets, according to Olney on twitter. I mean, the guy hits in the playoffs, but we need to actually get there before that's an issue. I guess if they can mend the rift from two years go, I'm ok with him.


Looks like denials of both signings. Something's not right here... stay tuned.


Carlos Delgado and the Blue Jays have both denied an agreement, according to Jordan Bastian on twitter. So there goes that one...

Still unsure about the Molina thing though...


I'm stupid on Molina front. I misread something...he's signed, not Delgado.

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