Monday, January 11, 2010

Piniero, Castillo for Arroyo, Delgado, Hips and Senior Citizens

According to Ed Price of AOL Fanhouse tweeted that the Mets are talking to Joel Piniero about a 2 year/$15 million deal. Normally, I would love Piniero on a deal like this. It's not a huge risk for the best free agent pitcher left on the market. But because of the Reds recent signing of Chapman I am slightly optimistic that the Mets could get Bronson Arroyo and potential move Luis Castillo in the same deal, killing two birds with one stone. And then could potentially sign Smoltz, as Matt Cerrone of Metsblog suggests, to help sure up the rotation.

If the Mets and Reds are going to deal Arroyo and Castillo, I find it hard to believe the deal could expans to include Phillips, in any deal. However, even if the Reds are not willing to deal Phillips, they may be willing to take on Castillo for two reasons. One, a straight up trade of Castillo for Arroyo would save the Reds money, and clear up a rotation spot for Chapman who they clearly had to be high on in order to sign. The second reason is that their current starting shortstop is Paul Janish. No offense to Janish but the guy cannot hit, and if I remember correctly Phillips came up as a shortstop and might be able to make the move back, therefore making room for Castillo at 2B.

Price also said on twitter, the Mets have seen Delgado play twice in Puerto Rico and apparently have not been impressed with his mobility. And sees the Blue Jays are starting to emerge as a possible landing spot. To be honest, I was skeptical about bringing him back to begin with, but after hearing about his mobility issues, I really don't want him back. At this point save the money sure up the staff and bench. Also, they should let Murphy earn the job or bring in a platoon partner for him and settle first base already. I'm getting tired of thinking about it.

As far as Delgado's injury, I hate to say I told you so, but, I told you so. There is absolutely no way he's going to be 100% in the field for some time. We are talking a hip here, not a wrist or an ankle or even a hammy. Hips are tough rehabs and are such an important joint in everyday function that I think it's hard to expect to be at full strength in less than a calendar year. But, I must admit, I am no doctor, I'm just guessing here. But like I've said before, I've seen dogs and senior citizens die because of hip injuries. Whatever that's worth.

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