Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bay Watch is Officially Over

So, with the official announcement of the Mets signing Jason Bay to a 4 year $66 million deal what has been dubbed "Bay Watch" is officially over.

TheRopolitans.com does a good job of breaking down the contract here. The thing that jumps out at me most, besides the no-trade clause, is the $3 million dollar buyout on the potential fifth year.

I really think Omar did a good job giving Bay what he wanted, and at the same time not completely handcuffing the Mets in the future. Bay's 2014 vesting option will kick in if he has 600 plate appearances in 2013, OR, 500 plater appearances in both 2012 and 2013. With a $3 million dollar buyout for 2014 on an easily attainable option the Mets threw Bay a bone, without digging themselves into a hole, they way they have in the past.

Also, interesting to note that the Mets structured Bay's contract in a way that is very light in the first year, presumably in an effort to save resources for other moves, which have been rumored to be on the horizon.

All-in-all, a good deal for a organization that needed to land a big fish, without committing too much in the long haul. I think the Mets were able to knock one thing off their wish list this off-season, without compromising the rest of this off-season and years to come.

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