Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rangers Check In on Navarro: Should the Mets? is saying that the Texas Rangers have expressed interest in Rays catcher Dioner Navarro. So the question I'm throwing out...

Should the Mets be checking in on Navarro? Is he worth the player(s) you'd have to give up to get him?

Or, would you rather have Barajas on a one-year deal or Bengie Molina on a two year deal?

To take a bone of contention out of this argument to begin with, I think it's fair to assume NO ONE wants Bengie Molina on a three year deal despite him being the best hitter of the three. But the question to me is what makes the biggest impact for the Mets. Is the bat more important than the glove? Or, is it more important just to find an adequate replacement behind the plate until Thole is ready?


If the Mets have the money, and we think they do, then they should go out and get the best player, Bengie Molina. As long as you can get Molina for two years or less then he should be the choice. Although Navarro has an upside, I don't think he will be able to hit with the power of the other two, even though last season was the highest power output from Molina in his career. Barajas is interesting to me, BUT, only if Molina wants too many years. And in general, I don't like guys that hit .219, it bothers me.

Defensively, I've been told Barajas and Navarro are good catchers, and I believe it. But the idea of having a Molina behind the plate, no matter how fat he is, makes me feel all warm inside.

So, to me the best choice is Molina. He'll only cost money, and won't hit .219. Also, the guy has caught the NL Cy Young winner the last two seasons. I AM BY NO MEANS SAYING LINCECUM WOULDN'T HAVE WON WITHOUT MOLINA. But I am saying, I don't think it hurt Lincecum to have Bengie behind the plate.

So, Who'd you rather have?

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