Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another Day, Another Dollar: Signing Updates & San Juan

Another free agent pitcher is off the board, but this one is a relief. Ken Gurnick of tweeted that Vincente Padilla has signed a one year deal worth $4 million (base) with the Dodgers, meanwhile Tim Dierkes of has it as $5.025 million. Either way, thank goodness the Mets weren't in on him, I might have freaked out. He was a good pitcher in Philly, then went to Texas to stink, and came back to the NL and was great again this postseason. So, for LA this is a minimal risk, considering price and length, and what he was able to accomplish last postseason for them. But I'm still pretty happy the Mets stayed away from him, considering how many times they were supposedly "interested" in him in the past.

Todd Zolecki of is reporting on twitter that Joe Blanton has signed a three year, $24 million extension with the Phillies. Good for Joe Blanton, way to get more than you deserve. In all honesty it's nice to know, as a Mets fans, that Blanton will be stomping to the mound for three more years in Philly. He doesn't scare me, and probably never will. But he is an innings eater and overall that was a nice move by the Phillies to keep that rotation well rounded (pun intended) for a few years to come.

In other news, according to, the Pirates have signed Octavio Dotel to a one year deal, presumably for around $3 million, with a club option for 2011. That sounds like a good deal for both. I'm sure Dotel will be on the trading block in July should he have a nice season in Pittsburgh.

And finally, as was relayed by from an article by Ronald Blum of the Sun Sentinel, the Mets and Marlins are inching closer to that series at Hiram Bithorn Stadium in Puerto Rico. The series would take place June 28 - 30, and would be hosted by the Marlins. Can't say if I'm excited or not about that. But I can say I'm happy its an away series, it gives me more opportunities to hit up Citi Field.

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