Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wake Up to This! Beltran has Minor Knee Surgery

According to Jon Heyman of, it seems as though Carlos Beltran has undergone a "minor knee surgery" than will keep him out about 8-12 weeks. According to the article he will return to baseball activities "at or around opening day." So, I guess for now the opening day center fielder for the Mets will be Angel Pagan, barring some unforeseen activity.

I wish this was the biggest problem with the story, but it's not. Joel Sherman is tweeting that the Mets claim that Beltran's procedure was done "without their blessing". This prompted a response from Scott Boras, who chimed in and said because this surgery is "necessary to work" that Beltran did not require consent to have it done, according to the Associated Press.

This is a mess. Way to go Mets. The fan base was just starting to get back behind you and the off-season moves and were looking forward to the next season, after hearing nothing but positive attitudes from Wright, Bay and Murphy in public appearances and then this...

Can we please fire some of the medical staff please, this is getting ridiculous.

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