Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Deciphering Omar on WFAN

So today Omar spoke to Mike Francesa on WFAN after the presser introducing Jason Bay to New York. (This post is not about Bay, but man he was saying all the right things, and looked good doing it.) As for Omar a few interesting things were said, which Metsblog.com summarizes well along with providing a link to the full interviews online.

So, Omar decided to spill the beans and let us all know he's been talking to Bengie Molina, along with other catchers. Nice to hear Omar, but thats something we knew already...

Omar also said he'd consider Delgado if he came back on the teams terms, which may not be too hard to convince Carlos to do, especially considering the Orioles and Giants seem to be the final two teams in on Adam LaRoche, according to Buster Olney. Should LaRoche go to Baltimore, I think Delgado is down his only other legitimate suitor, unless the Angels get nutty. But at the same time Omar said Murphy could step in and play 1B if need be. Shocker!

As for pitching, Omar told us basically what we knew, he's looking into everything. He said he'd considered and has been in touch with the agents for, high upside, recovering from an injury pitchers (ie. Sheets, Bedard) He also said he felt there were pitchers available via trade, with more likely to hit the market closer to the trade deadline. Omar did a nice job of telling us nothing of substance here, EXCEPT, that he may be willing to enter the season with the current staff. That scares me.

And finally, and most dissapointing, Omar was giving a bunch of credit to Luis Castillo. Even going as far as to say that the Yankee drop is responsible for why some fans are sour on him. No Omar, we're down on Castillo because we haven't won crap with him here. IN FACT since Castillo came here in 2007 at the trade deadline, the Mets have had two monumental collapses that kept them out of the playoffs both years, and suffered probably the most dissapointing season in recent memory. If I were to take a guess, that's why the Mets fans don't like him, along with that heinous drop.

So to recap, here's what we can take from Omar today, either he's really good at keeping his cards close to the vest...or, he's got nothing new brewing. Fantastic.

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