Monday, January 11, 2010

While You Were Sleeping (1/11/09)...

Last night, as relayed by MLB Traderumors, the Giants came to terms with Aubrey Huff on a one year/$3 Million deal. Most likely Huff will be in the mix at 1B for San Fran, moving Sandoval back to third, and pushing DeRosa out to left field. All these parts are interchangeable though so it's hard to accurately predict, but, this is most likely going to be the case with Juan Uribe also in the mix for some PT. It makes more sense than Huff in left, Sandoval at First and DeRosa at third, mainly because of Huff's range in the outfield.

In other news, it looks like Ryan Church has finally had enough of the NL East. After stints with the Nats, Mets and Braves it looks like Church is going to try his hand in the NL Central with the Pirates, according to Jon Morosi of Good for Ryan, he needs a place where he can get some playing time. And I think besides McCutcheon and Garret Jones there is definitely playing time to be had in Pittsburgh should he perform.

According to, Carlos Delgado played first base for 5 innings in Puerto Rico yesterday. I think all Mets fans, and Daniel Murphy, are very interested in seeing how well Delgado's hip can handle the field. Like I've said in the past, a hip is a big deal, I know old people and dogs that have died from hip problems, so I'm skeptical as to how well Carlos can rebound. In my opinion there are better 1B options for the Mets should they decide not to give Murphy a shot at the job again. Either way, the Orioles are reportedly also interested in Delgado, both as a 1B and a DH, which I think can turn into an interesting situation should Carlos prove to be healthy.

John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer sheds a little more light on the Chapman deal with the Reds. He says in the article that Chapman has a 5 year deal worth $25 million with a player option for a sixth season. This upcoming season, however, he will only earn about $1 million, and he will be paid for the next 10 seasons by Cincy. Fay interesting notes about Chapman's contract, that "the first year it will be a major burden on the big league budget is 2014." So that gives the Reds 4 years to try to make something of this kid before he causes budgetary issues, or becomes a stud. Should he become a stud, they'd only have one year of him at a higher salary before he'd like opt out, at age 27, and cash in again in free agency. Not a bad deal for Cincy, but as Matt Cerrone of Metsblog has said before, he'll be 27 when he hits the market again and EVERYONE will know what he's about at that point.

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