Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter League Updates from the Post

In an article for the NY Post, Jonathan Lehman updates the winter outings of Fernando Martinez, Francisco Rodriguez and rule 5 pick, Orlando Lara.

F-Mart had a rough winter, while trying to recover from surgery, and hit .191 in 47 ABs with 13 K's. Those are some rough numbers, but he is young and it's hard to advocate the Mets dealing him right now because of his age and injuries. I think he should be put on the back burner and left in triple A this season to develop. Meanwhile the Mets should sign Endy Chavez to a minor league deal for depth and keep F-Mart out of the light for a while and let him grow that way.

As for K-Rod, according to the article he had one awful outing and was then awesome in the following four outings. I'm not too concerned about K-Rod, he's going to be good again, the question is whether or not that will matter this year. Last year, his struggles went largely unnoticed because of the total struggles of the team. I think we cross this bridge if we get there and just hope we never have to.

As for Orlando Lara, nice numbers for the rule 5 pick. I hope he becomes a useful member of the roster, we could always use another solid arm.

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