Friday, January 29, 2010

Royals Pitching and Catalanotto

According to Jayson Stark, in an article for, the Royals may be open to dealing either Gil Meche or Brian Bannister during Spring Training. It's nice to know there are other options out there for the Mets in terms of starting pitching, but there's something about trading back for a guy you once traded that bothers me. I know it sounds kind of stupid, but it's for that reason, along with better stuff, that I'd rather trade for Meche than Bannister if I am the Mets. Also, there is a part of me that felt Bannister was dealt because he won't ever become any more than a number 4 guy in a rotation. At least Meche has a higher ceiling and can be seen as a two, or three in certain rotations.

Also,'s Jon Heyman has tweeted that the Mets are one of the teams looking at Frank Catalanotto. Now, this is the type of player I like. A real utility-type guy who can play outfield and first base. He's a real hard-nosed guy who's a quality reserve. I really like the Mets looking into him, except for one thing...Isn't that why they just resigned Tatis? Once again, I know it seems to be my mantra lately, but depth is good, at the right price.

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