Thursday, January 28, 2010

Report: Mets Have 4% of the Best Minor Leaguers

Please take that headline with a grain of salt...I was being funny. But...

According to an insider rankings from Keith Law, the Mets have 4 of the top 100 prospects in baseball. That gives the Mets a whopping 4% of the best prospects in baseball, which actually is kind of uplifting, considering that there are thirty teams they have slightly above what they should have (assuming all teams have equal prospects - 3.3 players on the list/team).

The highest on the list is Jenrry Mejia, at 23, who Law describes as having "top-of-the-rotation stuff, but is just 20 with the command you'd expect to see in a live-armed teenager." That sounds like promising stuff to me.

Also checking in on the list is 18 year-old Wilmer Flores, at 41. Who Law describes as having "quick wrists" defensively, and showing the "promise of future plus power" at the plate. Law also goes on to say that it looks like he won't cut it at shortstop, and will most likely move to 1B, or a corner outfield position, which I find intriguing considering the early comparisons he recieved to Miguel Cabrera. Hopefully, he doesn't like the bottle as much as Miggy does though.

My new man-crush, Ike Davis checks in at 64, who Law says has a chance to be an above-average everyday player. That sounds nice, but I am slightly dissapointed because I was under the impression that Davis had a higher cieling than that. Regardless, I still crush on him.

And finally at 73, is the organization's favorite son, Fernando Martinez. Who despite being 21, has shown an uncanny ability to get hurt, and is in my mind turning into the next Alex Escobar. Oh, that makes me shudder. Law notes that Martinez had the largest drop off of any player on his list, and just barely met the requirements in terms of being considered a rookie. In fact, he played the most games possible without having 2009 qualify as a his rookie season. Regardless, I still like the guy, and they say he can hit, Law actually compares the way ball comes off his bat as being in the same manner as Starlin Castro who is number 12 on the list. Law states, which we all know, that health, not talent is Martinez's problem. Law also says that an argument can be made for Martinez to be in the top 25 of this list, had he not been injured so much, he would have been there.

So, for the most-part, as a Mets fan you'd have to be happy with this list, and the potential for some nice players to come up through the system. However, there is one major negative about this list...

3 of the top 5 players on this list are in NL East farm systems, including numbers 1 and 2: Jason Heyward (OF-Atlanta) and Stephen Strasburg (P-Washington). For those interested number 5 is Mike Stanton , an Outfielder in the Marlins system.

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