Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Molina Lowers Demands

According to Jon Paul Morosi of FOXSports.com, Bengie Molina has allegedly lowered his asking price, and now is "willing" to accept a two year deal. Tough news for Molina, great news for Minaya who has effectively won in the game of chicken. By Molina lowering his contract demands it seems even more certain than before the Bengie will be handling the Mets staff next season.

Molina's defense and ability to handle a staff would be very nice for a Mets team that could use the leadership and stability behind the plate. Molina is also a very capable hitter and would like nice in the 7 or 8 spot in the revamped Mets line up.

I am not totally gung-ho about Molina coming to Mets, but I do like him in most facets of the game, but I do have concerns. I only like Molina on a reasonable contract length/dollars. The reported lowering of his demands makes me feel better about the Mets ability to sign him for a two year deal giving Thole a full year in Buffalo before he can come up in 2011 and learn from Molina, as Molina's back-up, before being the starting catcher in 2012. Although Molina's contract demands are seemingly becoming less of a concern, his speed remains a huge concern. I expect a lot of late inning pinch running for Molina, and a frequent sight of Blanco catching the 9th.

Molina's speed is a huge deal, and should the Mets add Molina and keep Castillo a nightmare situation could arise...

Two outs, tying run at second in the form of Bengie Molina, with the batter being Luis Castillo. Why is this a nightmare? Because the guy running at second cannot score on a single and the guy hitting can ONLY hit singles...yikes.

On the whole, I like Molina for a two year deal. But I would like him more if there was less of him to like...

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