Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No Sheets, What the Hell Rant

Alright, seriously, What the hell?

According to Jon Heyman on twitter, the A's have signed Ben Sheets to a one year deal worth $10 million plus incentives. Unless something comes out and says that Sheets doesn't like New York, I don't get it. Could the Mets not offer $10 million? I am really dumbfounded. Is the $6 million they owe Luis Castillo leaving them that hamstrung? Oh yeah, and if they end up trading with the A's for Sheets at the end of the year, I may stop following this team.

I was fine with the Mets not getting Lackey, Holliday, Piniero and even Molina, but this one is irritating. And now Ken Rosenthal is tweeting the Mets are in on Smoltz as a back-up to Sheets. So now the Mets are stuck still looking for a number two starter, and barring some miracle, the best we might be able to get is Smoltz, Garland or Washburn. None of those guys are number two starters. Garland never was and Smoltz/Washburn haven't been for a few years (just realized how generous that statement was to Washburn). Even if the Mets do end up trading for Bronson Arroyo, that's not a number two starter either.

But one thing is for sure, if the Mets sign Smoltz (which I am still okay with-despite how pissed I am about losing Sheets) they better have another move up their sleeve, or else we will not be in good shape.

And I swear, if they sign Smoltz/Garland/Washburn and try to make a huge deal out of it, then we'll all know the truth about the front office, they're not dysfunctional, they're morons...

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