Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chapman Signs with Reds, Another Move on the Horizon?

According to Jeff Blair on twitter of Toronto's Globe and Mail, as relayed by rotoworld, the Reds have signed Aroldis Chapman to a 5 year/$30 million deal.

The Reds took a nice gamble here, presumably with the money they saved restructuring Scott Rolen's contract. But I can't help but wonder if the Reds have something up their sleeves, as they have been rumored to be in talks about Harang and Arroyo at different points in the off-season.

Can someone explain to me how a team who was supposed to be cutting payroll at the beginning of the the off-season is now financially capable of taking a $6/year risk? I thought they were supposed to be cutting payroll, or at least staying the same. So, I think the Reds have something else up their sleeves.

It makes too much sense NOT to think that the Reds are still working on moving one of their bigger contracts. Arroyo, Harang, Phillips? Mets fans have long been dreaming of somehow landing Phillips and Arroyo. My guess is that it is more likely to get just one of the two, Arroyo most likely, without giving up much beside salary relief. Then there is the ultimate dream of including Castillo and finding a way to get Phillips back in the deal, but I think thats a pipe dream more than anything else.

At the least, this signing should put a few more wheels in motion around the league and start a domino effect of signing/trades of some starting pitchers as the pitcher market takes a slight hit with Chapman off the market.

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