Wednesday, January 6, 2010

While You Were Sleeping (Free Agent Updates)...

Yesterday, Casey Kotchman was dealt from Boston to Seattle to help fill the first base hole in Seattle, that last year was occupied by Russell Branyan, according to Ken Rosenthal on twitter. In return the Red Sox got back Bill Hall, who's done a whole lot of nothing everywhere he's been lately. This most likely, in my estimation, kills any talk of Castillo/Lowell, as the Red Sox don't need 5 back up infielders on their roster.

The Braves went out and signed Eric Hinske according to Scott Miller of He'll be a nice bench bat and versatile back up, as Miller mentions in case the recently signed Troy Glaus doesn't hold up at third. As a Mets fan, it seems like the Braves are getting older at the corners and I don't mind that one bit.

According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, it looks like Dan Uggla may not be on the way out of town just yet. And it seems as though the Marlins think they are in the running for Aroldis Chapman, due to the draw of Miami and the $13 Million/year deal they allegedly have out to him. Although it seems like their competition can put up more money, Is the draw of Miami enough to make up that difference? If so, the Marlins will have the best rotation in the NL East, by far...

Once again, according to Scott Miller of who apparently had a pretty busy last night, the Twins are believed to have an offer out to Jarrod Washburn. This is a guy I'm very surprised we haven't heard really heard connected to the Mets much this offseason. He's a definite improvement over Perez and Redding, so why not look into him.

Finally, Derrick Goold of St. Louis Post-Dispatch, talks about what the Cardinals have left to do, considering the recent signing of Matt Holliday. Goold talks about the Cardinals continued interest in Miguel Tejada, potentially to play third, which would add another nice bat to a pretty potent offense. Also, Goold talks about the possibility of adding Ryan Church as a fourth outfielder, to be rotated in with Holliday, Ludwick and Rasmus. My guess would be that he would spell Ludwick occasionally against righties if LaRussa wanted to go that way. Last year he rotated Rick Ankiel in a similar way, which as a fantasy baseball owner of Ryan Ludwick, was less than awesome.

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