Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sheets Reactions

According to Ed Price on twitter, one scout who saw Sheets throw today described him as throwing very well, and most importantly, throwing easy. His scout also guesses the Mets, Rangers and Cubs were the leaders, with the A's also well represented.

I liked Sheets before, and I like him more now that he threw easy, and according to Trenni Kusnierek of MLB Network on twitter, topped out at 91 mph. If he's at 91 mph before spring training, and throwing easy, those are some very, very nice signs.

As for competition, with the reports a while back saying the Cubs were far off with Sheets, they seem to me to be less of a concern than the Rangers. Now, the Rangers have been in talks with Sheets for a while, and he likes Texas, and the Rangers close to being sold. So, they seem to be the front-runners to me. I'd have to think all things being equal, that Sheets would chose Texas, so for the Mets to get him, they may have to get out of their comfort zone a bit to do it. So, if the Mets really liked what they saw, they should go for it. They just need to run him through some vigorous physicals before the signing, preferably by someone else's doctors...


Ed Price just updated on twitter that the Mets physical rehabilitation specialist, Chris Correnti was there. Um...is that a good thing?

Was this the guy who worked with Reyes/Beltran/Delgado/Maine last year? Because if so...I say yikes.

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