Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Outfield Depth and Starting Options

After the Padres signed Jerry Hairston Jr. this past weekend and reports of Ankiel not wanting to be in NY, it dawned on me exactly how much I like the idea of the uber-utility man on the Mets roster. So, I'm officially lobbying for Alfredo Amezega as a back-up in the outfield, 2B, 3B and shortstop. The guy can field, and can run, and has provided excellent depth for the Marlins the last few years. I think the Mets can really use him as a do-it-all bench player, as it would allow for them to still go after other quality depth options in both the outfield and infield, namely Nady, Chavez, Gomes, Lowell, etc.

Also, since today is the big day for teams taking a look at Ben Sheets, hopefully we'll have an idea of exactly how interested teams will be later in the day. If this guy looks anything like he used to in Milwaukee, I think the Mets should scrap the Piniero idea and turn it into two one year deals. Give Sheets what he wants, should he look as great as he had and then move on either Wang (on incentive laden deal) or Garland on a one year pact. I'm not as enamored with Piniero as others are, and I really feel multiple options are a better way to go for the Mets. Plus, Omar should be given credit for turning scrap-heap players into effective players. To me, it just seems like a better idea, pitching-wise, to spread money than to give too much of a commitment (both financially and year-wise) to a guy like Piniero who really has been up and down in his career. Especially considering should the Mets make multiple risk signings and lose on all them all, the worst case scenario is a Santana/Pelfrey/Maine/Perez/Niese. Although that didn't do the job last year, it's a much better back-up plan than most teams have.

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