Monday, January 4, 2010

Mets ACTUALLY Talking Castillo-Lowell

Thank you Omar Minaya for making me look smart today, when the Jerry Crasnick on twitter reported about Mets/Red Sox discussions involving Luis Castillo and Mike Lowell.

I'm not going to be annoyingly arrogant about this, BUT, let's be honest it made too much sense for them not to discuss it at all. The Red Sox definitely want to move Lowell, especially now that Adrian Beltre is in the fold, as reported by Peter Gammons on twitter. The Mets definitely want to move Castillo and sign Hudson. This makes sense for both teams. The only question I really have is about how useful Castillo is to the Sox in terms of personel, with the signing of Beltre. Prior to that I could have seen either Scutaro or Pedroia playing third base, but now...who knows. Although, I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility to have the Sox let Castillo just provide bench depth, and let him waste away on the bench for a lesser salary than Lowell.

As for the Mets, like I have said before, this would be a nice addition of leadership, glove and bat all in one. And you'd only be tied to Lowell for $12 mill this year, and he would then come off the books with some nice potential free agents next December. Now, whether the Mets would decide to platoon Lowell with Murphy (should this deal happen) or are looking to trade Murphy for pitching remains to be seen. But regardless, Omar is leaving no stone unturned, and that's all you can expect from your GM.

At the very least, I like hearing that Omar is being creative and thinking a little bit outside the box, or as I say, a little off the black...

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