Thursday, January 21, 2010

Move Castillo, Get Matthews Jr.?

In a very interesting post to, Matt Cerrone hints at the Mets being able to move Castillo for Gary Matthews Jr.

Let me throw my two cents in on this one...ABSOLUTELY NOT. Castillo is a much smaller headache than Matthews Jr. is, contractually speaking. And for those who would argue trading Castillo would be addition by subtraction, think about this, Matthews Jr. is owed $23 million over the next two years, Castillo is only due $12 million over 2 years. And beyond that, the only positive about getting Matthews would be as a CF fill in until Beltran comes back, and then he'd be relegated to the bench. If the Mets want to lose Castillo to sign Hudson that badly, why wouldn't they just sign Hudson and let $6 million sit on the bench, in Castillo, as opposed to $11.5 million should they obtain and eventually sit Matthews Jr.

Also, I have a feeling that any deal the Mets have potentially brewing with the Reds, another item Cerrone eludes to, might involve Castillo. I'm fairly confident the Mets could work out a deal with the Reds for Arroyo and could move Castillo as part of the deal, especially when the Reds are currently set to enter the season with Paul Janish as their starting shortstop. I think they're waiting to pull the trigger on a deal to create some space and then go out and get a shortstop like Orlando Cabrera. But, I'm just guessing...

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