Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jerry Sees the Light Says Reyes Will Probably Lead Off, Tradition Field Re-Named

According to Brian Costa of the Newark Star-Ledger reports that Jerry Manuel has finally come to his senses and said that when Reyes is ready to play again, it'll be as a lead-off hitter.  According to the article Jerry sees less of a point trying to make Jose comfortable in the three-hole now that they likely won't have enough time in spring training to adequately do that...

Costa quotes Manuel as saying, "I would probably see him getting a sense of comfort back in the leadoff spot right now...Now you know me, I’ll change now. I’ll change on you now."  Well thanks for that Jerry.  At least he's making the right move, I just don't know (or care) that it's for the wrong reason.

As far as Jose's status for opening day Jerry is being smart on that front saying, "Opening day lineups, those type of things, we cannot get caught up into that. We have to do what’s right by him."  As much as the fanbase may want Jose out there opening day, it's not worth rushing him and risking an injury to get him out there for one game, when there are 161 games still left.  Realistically, I would expect Jose back after two weeks of the regular season.  That would give him about a month or so to get into playing shape, and sharpen his tools back to where they were before he got planted on the couch for two weeks.

Also in this article, Costa points out that Tradition Field has been re-named Digital Domain Park, after the Mets agreed to a sponsorship deal with Digital Domain, a production studio.  CitiField, which although in actually is a sponsorship situation, doesn't sound as bad as this one.  Digital Domain Park is pretty lame if you ask me...

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