Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cameron Not Impressed by Mejia, I've Never Been Impressed by Cameron

Despite facing only three batters yesterday and getting them all out in order against the Red Sox, Mejia didn't wow a certain veteran, according to Mark Hale of the New York Post.  Mike Cameron is quoted as saying, "He’s all right...I thought it wasn’t anything that was kind of a ooh-wow or anything."  Then Cameron goes on to say, "I think he could be a real [good setup] guy. But for the most part, it looked like he had pretty good velocity. It wasn’t anything overpowering or anything.

The only other comment from a member of the Red Sox came from Scutaro, who was much more specific on his commentary.  Scutaro said, "I think he has a good arm...He had some late movement."  This is something we've been hearing about Mejia all spring, and Cameron even said the same in the article.  So I guess if two Sox thought he has some nice movement, it's probably true...

Jerry Manuel on the otherhand, has spent most of the spring being impressed, saying of Mejia, "Very, very encouraging to see a young pitcher that has struggled with command and control come into big-league camp and throw the amount of strikes that he’s thrown...That’s impressive."

As far as Mike Cameron is concerned, I can't tell if he was protecting his ego in his comments or being honest.  So, I'm not taking what he says too much to heart here.  I mean, the kid got you out.  You may not have been "wowed" by him, but he got the job done against you, right?  Honestly, I have never been "wowed" by Cameron's innate ability to strike out, either, so I guess we're even then...

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