Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mets Apparently Still Interested in Lowell, Bad News for Murphy, And I'm Confused

According to Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune, the Mets, Marlins, Brewers and Twins are still scouting Mike Lowell.  A scout told the Boston Globe about Mike Lowell, "He can still really hit, he can play first and can probably go to third once in a while. If the Sox pay most of the $12 million, this guy is a valuable asset to any team,'' a scout told the Boston Globe." 

 My reaction to this is two-fold.  First off, I like that the Mets are interested in him, because like the scout said, this guy can hit, and despite getting older, is also a great fielder.  Yes, I know his first base experience is limited, but to me if you can field at third you can handle first.  I also wish the Mets would have considered moving on this at a time when Luis Castillo could have been part of the deal, like, I don't know...DURING THE WINTER MEETINGS.  Overall, unless the Sox are willing to pick up a bunch of Lowell's salary this would be another head scratcher for the Mets.  It would be just like when they added Matthews Jr., because it would create depth where they wouldn't necessarily need it...

Which leads into my question, Are the Mets BS-ing Murphy?  Is Murphy really getting a chance to be the first baseman here?  This spring we've been hearing about how great Ike Davis will be, which I agree with, and how valuable Mike Jacobs will be on the bench and potentially as a fill-in for Murphy.  And now we're re-visiting Mike Lowell.  I'm not seeing a real commitment on the Mets part to see if they can develop Murphy, here.  I don't get it.

While I like the way the Mets are keeping their options open, and think Lowell, at the right price, would be a nice addition to this Mets team...I'm annoyed.

If this proves to be true, I won't believe a word of what this organization says anymore.  They say one thing and do another, it's tough to see, and even tougher to follow...

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