Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chipper Jones Says Positive Things About The Mets, THAT WAS NOT A TYPO

In his latest article for the New York Post, Mike Puma catches a rarity.  Chipper Jones saying nice things about the Mets.  In this article Jones addresses the Mets ability to contend, Jose Reyes, Jeff Francouer and how CitiField will affect David Wright.

As far as the Mets contending Jones thinks, "It's time for those other guys behind Johan [Santana] to step it up a notch...If they do, I see them contending."  By those other guys I think it's fair to assume that Chipper is referring to Maine/Pelfrey/Perez.  Not to crap on Chipper here, especially since he's being decent to us, for once, but seriously...NO KIDDING.  You mean if the Mets have four quality starters this year we can contend, thanks for the newflash, Larry.

Ok, now that I got that anger out, back to being nice to Chipper.

In the article Jones calls Reyes, the "most dynamic" shortstop in the majors.  Jones says, "[Reyes] is a guy that year-in and year-out is their most valuable player...As he goes, they go. You keep him off base and you've got a chance to beat the Mets. If he's on base three or four times, you're not going to beat them."  There is no denying Jose's talent and ability to change a game.  My only issue with this statement is that now, if Reyes is on four time from the third spot in the order it might not mean as much as it would if he were hitting in the lead-off spot.  Either way, it's nice that others around the league realize the importance of Reyes to this team, because he is the most valuable player.  He makes everyone else on the field, and in the line-up better, look better.  It's decent of Chipper to acknowledge that...

Jones also comments on working out in the offseason with Francouer, and how Jeff's opinion on Howard Johnson.  Jones points to HoJo as a major influence on Francouer, saying in regards to working with him, Francouer "thinks that's going to do him a lot of good and kind of turn things around."

And finally, Chipper talks about David Wright and CitiField.  First off Chipper doesn't like the park in general because of all the "nooks and crannies".  I can't say I blame Chipper, being a visitor playing in that park cannot be easy.  Unless, of course, you were playing last year's team of the walking wounded, which was easy, hence why everyone beat the Mets.  But I digress...

As far as Wright goes, Chipper thinks the field will make him a better overall hitter (no arguement here), but acknowledges exactly where it is harder to hit balls out at Citi.  Jones says, "Where he is going to suffer is in the power department, because there are no cheapies in that ballpark. I just remember him at Shea being able to shoot it to right-center and it was very attainable. But you've got to be a behemoth to hit the ball out to the opposite field in that new ballpark."

A behemoth Wright is not...but a damn good hitter who's going to be driving the gaps all year, that's something I can deal with.

In general it's nice to hear a positive opposing players view of Reyes, Wright and the Mets in general.  Even if it is from Larry...

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