Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Results Are In: Jose Has Overactive Thyroid, Treatment TBD

In an article on Mets.com, Marty Noble reports that Jose Reyes' blood tests, do indeed, show him to have an overactive thyroid.  Noble notes that more blood tests are needed in order to for the best treatment to be determined, and says, "The best-case scenario the Mets had envisioned had him returning to camp Wednesday and playing by the weekend."

The quicker Mets fans see Jose the better.  This should not keep him out long in terms of an injury, as it will most likely involve a medication.  However, should it involve surgery, I doubt the recovery time would be too long, but I'm no doctor.

The hope is that Jose will be medicated and back on the field in time to get in shape for opening day.  At least those are my modest hopes...

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