Sunday, March 7, 2010

Best News About Ollie's Start, He Faced Marquis

The best news about Oliver Perez's start today was that he faced Jason Marquis.  Perez got smacked by the high-powered Nationals line-up, while Jason Marquis is not fairing much better.  The box score is being updated live, here, if you're not watching the game on PIX11 in New York.

The best thing that can be said about Perez's start is that he faced Jason Marquis who was also terrible today.  Mets fans can at least see that Marquis was not necessarily a better option just yet.  Performance-wise Marquis and Perez both gave up 5 runs, BUT the difference was that Perez actually didn't walk that many guys, his usual problem.  Marquis walked 3, while Perez only walked one.  On the other hand Perez gave up 7 hits, while Marquis gave up 3.

Like Ronnie and Ralph Kiner have been saying during the game, at least Perez was around the plate today.  It's early enough in the spring that I'm not worried about Perez getting hit, but am much more worried about his walks.

I'm not too concerned just yet, but there are other options around should Perez continue not to perform well, especially with the way Figueroa has been pitching.  Also, Takahashi looked pretty good today, too.

I'm just sayin...

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  1. Good point. One other positive (I use the term loosely): two of the hits (one turned into a run) he gave up were grounders that a more mobile second basemen might have snagged. Ollie didn't look that bad.