Monday, March 22, 2010

Home Run Derby To Be in 3-D

According to Maury Brown at, the 2010 Home Run Derby will be available in stunning...3-D...

In the post, Maury Brown quote Chris Tully, the MLB Senior VP of Broadcasting as saying, "We are always looking for ways to augment the viewing experience for fans watching MLB telecasts...The State Farm Home Run Derby is a unique event for a 3D telecast since it has all of the prestige of an MLB Jewel Event and the event’s format allows for more creativity in how it is shot for television.”

Okay, first off, let me say I work in television, and I think that the transition from standard definition to HD was an absolute MUST, and now I actually can't watch anything that isn't in HD...It's made me a snob...

BUT, I am not totally on board with the 3-D stuff just yet.  To me, 3-D is more of a BS gadget people use to make something that's not as interesting, more interesting (Night at the Museum, Muppets at Disneyland, Avatar, etc.).  And although I do recognize that this is supposed to be the wave of the future in television, the alleged "next frontier", I just don't think it's as needed or as practical as HD.  Mostly because it requires fans to leave their homes, or buy an absurdly expensive 3-D tv, which isn't practical at this point in time. 

In general. I probably shouldn't judge until I watch a sporting event in 3-D, BUT, I just don't see how this will enhance the fans experience.  In fact, I think fans will find it more confusing than anything else. 

But, who knows, maybe I will give it a chance this summer and see what all the hub-bub is about.  And if you're into it, I would suggest you find a way to see the HRD in 3-D, as well...

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