Thursday, March 4, 2010

Escobar Still Aiming For Opening Day

Mike Puma's been busy this morning...

In yet another article for the New York Post, Puma talks about Kelvim Escobar and his desire to "not be ruled out" yet for the season opener.  Puma quotes Escobar as saying, "Don't rule me out for opening the season...I know once I get going, I can get ready very quickly, and a lot of people could be surprised."  Escobar says he's feeling better, looser and stronger, which seem contradictory but are both very important to pitchers.  There is nothing worse than being tight or weak armed.  Pitching, like hitting, is all about torch and fluidity, and without either it's almost impossible to be effective.  It's nice to hear Escobar is getting there...

Puma also gets a timetable from Escobar who says of his setback last week, "I didn't expect to be in this position and they weren't expecting to have me in this position...But it's two full weeks. It's 4½ weeks until the season starts and I'm going to continue to do my work and we'll see where we are in two weeks."
Well it's nice to see some motivation out of Escobar to prove people wrong and make the opening day roster.  I think most Mets fans would agree with me when I say, I hope Kelvim can prove us wrong.

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