Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's Early, But I Want Chris Carter on the Opening Day Roster

I know it's early, but it's hard to deny what Chris Carter has been doing at the plate so far this spring.  Carter has 3 homers in the past 2 games, and is currently hitting .625 with 8 RBI this spring.  I mean, not to get ahead of myself, but those are some pretty impressive numbers.  And please note that today, he went deep off of Derek Lowe and then doubled off of Saito.  Those are not minor leaguers...

It is believed that Mike Jacobs is the favorite to win the final bench spot for the Mets because he is a left-handed power hitter.  Call me stupid, but isn't that exactly what Chris Carter is?  Carter is hitting exactly .500 points higher than Jacobs, which I know is a ridiculous argument in spring training, but it should be worth some consideration.  Also, Carter is driving in more runs, and hitting more homers than Jacobs is.  Beyond that, Carter, although not a great fielder, is more versatile in the field than Jacobs.  Chris Carter is capable of playing the outfield as well as first base.  Jacobs on the other hand, is a first baseman only, who has limited value as an emergency catcher, and is no better at 1B than Carter.

At the least Carter should be garnering attention for the last bench spot on the team, as he really seems to comfortable at the plate this spring.  Maybe he's coming into his own as a ballplayer, maybe he's not.  At the least, the Mets should be looking seriously at him as a candidate for the last bench spot because, in all honesty, he might be more valuable than Jacobs...

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  1. How can anyone argue with you? This was true even before Cater's home runs this week.