Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crasnick: Mets Season Lies in the Hands of Starters

In an article for Jerry Crasnick pins the Mets hopes for a rebound season on the rotation.  In this article Crasnick does a good job of taking a look at each member's spring and past performances and talks about their mindset and preparation heading into this season.  Also, Crasnick gets some great quotes out of Mike Pelfrey.  And, although this article isn't truly groundbreaking (everyone knows the Mets will only go as far as their starters let them), Crasnick does a great job of articulating exactly what ails each pitcher, from Maine's recovery from shoulder issues, to Pelfrey's performance, to Perez's knees and mind-set.

The most telling quote in the article comes from Pelfrey, who says, "Johan Santana is going to be Johan Santana. The guys vying for the fifth spot are going to be great fifth starters. The rest is on us three."  There is no disagreement here.  When your team's fifth starter is a prospect with a number two starter ceiling, and your ace is Johan Santana, you are most likely in good shape.  However, two-three and four in this rotation are scary.  They all have the potential of being scary good, or scary bad.  Last year happened to be scary bad, 2008 was a mix, and 2007 was scary good.  I expect more of a mix this season.

I was one of the people who thought the Mets should have upgraded the rotation this off-season, but not at the prices being thrown around.  Now, I'm pretty satisfied to take one more shot with Pelfrey-Perez and Maine, and if it doesn't work out, moves can be made.  But for now, I'll stay optimistic that Maine is healthy, Perez stopped being nuts, and Pelfrey will be dominant again...

With opening day less than two weeks out, at least we won't have to wait long to see...

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