Friday, March 5, 2010

Reyes' Bloodwork and Bullpen Talk

In an article for the New York Post this morning, Mike Puma details exactly why Jose Reyes was out of the line-up yesterday.  According to Puma, Reyes had some bloodwork done which was associated with the team's spring physical and apparently he wouldn't be cleared to play in a game until this bloodwork was done.  According to Puma, "The medical tests, Reyes said, had nothing to do with his legs."  That's a nice thing to hear, because anytime you're doing a blood test for a leg problem, that sounds like trouble.  Regardless, Reyes should be in today's line-up against the Marlins at 1pm on SNY.

Also in this article Puma recaps the Calero signing, talks about Takahashi finally getting his work visa and former Giants punter Sean Landeta visiting the team.  Apparently Landeta had Francouer pretty mesmerized by his Super Bowl rings. 

Also in his article Puma maintains the Mets interest in Joe Beimel on a major league deal for "an amount significantly lower than the $2 million he earned last season."  Puma also throws out Ron Mahay as a lefty the Mets may be interested in for the bullpen.

As far as the 'pen is concerned, outside of Feliciano, K-Rod and Parnell I'm a little worried.  Although we only saw Sean Green once, he was awful.  Igarashi looked fine, but nothing to write home about, and everyone else is competing.  Which is probably why the Mets signed Calero and are still interested in another lefty.

At this point it seems pretty obvious to me that the Mets best set-up options are Feliciano or Parnell.  Personally, I think Feliciano is a much better option and signing a Mahay or Beimel to be the lefty-specialist would allow for Feliciano to step up.

That's what I would do.  But I also wouldn't be hitting Reyes third, I guess that's the difference between me and Manuel/Omar...

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