Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Niese Starting Against Braves, Mets Traveling Light Today

Here's the line-up for today's Mets/Braves game in Disney, according to Adam Rubin of the Daily News:

Pridie, cf
Tejada, 2b
Murphy, 1b
Hessman, 3b
Carter, dh
Santos, c
Nieuwenhuis, rf
Cabrera, lf
Adams, ss

This line-up doesn't really do all that much for me, although it would be interested to see if Omir Santos can keep his trade value up.  Also, it'd be nice to see what Chris Carter and Daniel Murphy do at the plate today.

The more important aspect of today's game, to me, is the pitching, which will feature, Jon Niese starting with Figueroa, Nieve, Parnell, Kunz and Niesen also making the trip. 

It's interesting that the Mets would send Figgy, Nieve and Niese all on the same trip considering they are the three top candidates for the number 5 spot in the rotation, along with Takahashi.  So far this spring it's been tough to ignore how well Niese, Figgy and Takahashi have been throwing.  That's not to say Nieve has been bad, because he hasn't.  He just hasn't been as good as the other three.  I think today will provide these pitchers the opportunity to face the same line-up, for the most-part (until substitutions are made), and will be an interesting point of comparison for these pitchers.

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