Friday, March 5, 2010

Reyes Has Thyroid Issue, I Asked a Doctor

It's always something with this team, isn't it...

According to Matthew Cerrone on twitter, Jose Reyes is heading back to NY for testing for a thyroid imblance.

After speaking with a doctor, I was told that for the most-part hyper-active and uncer-active thyroids affect weight, temperature sensitivity and fatigue.  Most of the time these problems are simply treated with hormones.  The doctor I spoke to said, there is no way of knowing exactly what they will do with an athlete, especially a male, as hyper-active thyroids are apparently more common in women.  It seems as though the report floating around is that his thyroid is hyper-active, so I'll explain what will likely be the next step, as explained to me by a doctor...

First the symptoms:

Overactive thyroids can lead to heart palpitations, weight loss, diarrhea and sensitivity to heat.

Basically the treatment will be to slow down the activity of the thyroid either through medication or "ablation", which could mean thyroid removal.  Should the thyroid be removed, it would then be considered "under-active".  Under-active thyroids are usually treated through hormones.  Basically being on hormone medication.

However, like I said, over-active thyroids are apparently more common in women, so the "ablation" treatment may not be an option, especially considering Jose is an athlete.  Overall, this is something that can be taken care of, and should not be a life threatening issue for Jose, which was nice to hear.

However, the doctor I spoke to was unclear as to how it will affect his ability to get back on the field...

I hope that information, at the least, calms down Mets fans a bit.  It seems like something that is treatable, the question now remains, How long until we see Jose on the field again?

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