Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bullpen Picture Starting to Clear Up

In an article for, Mets beat reporter, Marty Noble answers a bunch of questions about the Mets bullpen, bench situation, Mike Lowell and starters.

To me, the bullpen questions yielded the biggest information exchange in this article.  First Noble seems to think that Figueroa and Takahashi are in, while Parnell will probably go down to the minors.  Noble says, "My sense of it is Figueroa serves as the staff saver, Parnell goes to Triple-A to work on offspeed pitches. Takahashi serves as the other left-handed pitcher in the 'pen."

Noble also seems to think that Pat Misch will not make the team and the Mets will try to sneak him back under-the-radar.  Noble says, "The likely course of action will be to wait until the last moment to outright Misch in hopes that other clubs won't have room for him either. Then they can store him at Triple-A until a need develops."  Sounds like a good plan, and with Feliciano and Takahashi looking good, I don't know there is a need for a third lefty in the 'pen.

Also Rich Coutinho, on twitter, is saying that according to Adam Rubin, it is likely that Parnell and Green will both be sent down to start the season.  Well, it's nice to know competition ACTUALLY exists this spring and no one is getting grand-fathered in.  Parnell, I don't think was awful this spring, but Green was.  At the end of the day they both were out-performed and deserve to be sent to triple-A...

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