Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Old Glasses, Old Results

In yet another article for the Newark Star-Ledger, the insanely prolific Brian Costa writes about K-Rod potentially switching back to his old look, glasses on the mound. In his article Costa writes, "After switching to contact lenses in 2008, K-Rod went back to his red-tinted glasses in his first spring training appearance Monday. And because of the conjunctivitis that bothered him for more than two weeks early in camp, Rodriguez said the glasses might again become a permanent fixture."

Here's my opinion on the whole thing, who cares.  Honestly, he should do whatever he needs to do to make himself comfortable and able to pitch at the highest level possible.  Although, on a personal note, I do think those red glasses look pretty badass.  Regardless, if this is going to make him more comfortable on the hill and will keep him from getting pink-eye then I'm all for it.  If he pitches like he did three years ago in Anaheim he can get a Mike Tyson tatoo over his face, threaten to eat babies, and bite of Jerry manuel's ear and I really wouldn't care...

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