Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sherman Does His Best To Kill Mets Fans Optimism

No matter how excited or optimistic Mets fans want to be there will always be those looking to bring you down.  Joel Sherman does his best, in this article, to point out once again how miserable 2009 was and how hard it will be to overcome it.  Sherman says, "it is hard to dismiss a year as awful as 2009, even when you see good signs of a new year involving the hamstrings of Jose Reyes and Jon Niese, the promise of Ike Davis and Jenrry Mejia, and the renewed sense of purpose with Oliver Perez and Mike Pelfrey."

Also in the article Sherman tries to show that the Mets are "mishandling" the pink eye situation with K-Rod, are having FBI issues, and are also now blaming Tony Bernazard for a lot of what went wrong in 2009.  Sherman says, "Fred Wilpon showed up earlier in this camp to say the baseball operations department picked the players who tanked in 2009, not ownership. Of course, ownership hired all the executives who picked players, including Bernazard."

Alright, I get it the Mets are not well-run.  The Wilpons definitely have screwed up a bunch of stuff, but in all honesty this article really bothers me.  Sherman's K-Rod pink eye argument is grasping for straws here in an effort to bring down the hope of the Mets' fan, as is the him bringing up the FBI stuff, which he coincidently leaves A-Rod out of the talk of.  And as far as Bernazard being blamed for everything, that happens all the time.  Sherman tries to say this is a completely Mets phenomena.  It's not, it happens in all professional leagues and all cities.

Please Sherman, I usually like your stuff, but do me a favor and let the Mets fans be optimistic for the time being.  You WILL have time later this season to rip the team and the organization, but for now, just let the team and the fans enjoy a new beginning...

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