Monday, March 8, 2010

Mets Beat Marlins 11-2: Maine Pitches Well, Barajas and Carter Go Deep, While Ike Makes Another Error

Today the Mets beat the Marlins 11-2 (box score), this time finally putting together the bats and the arms on the same day. 

On the bump, John Maine started out and pitched 1 and 2/3 innings, while giving up one run on two hits and striking out four.  All-in-all not a bad opening outing for Maine.  He was followed by Dickey, Mejia, Igarashi and Feliciano, in that order.  Everyone pitched well today, especially Mejia and Feliciano.  Mejia went 3 innings again giving up only 2 hits, and striking out one, while Feliciano threw a perfect inning and K'd 2 batters.

Mejia is continues to impress me.  It is clear that this kid is tough to hit, but the knock on him has always been control.  So far this spring that hasn't been an issue, and as dominant as he has been, I think he's a year away from being an awesome starting pitcher for this organization. 

Meanwhile, Felicano also continues to pitch well, and makes me feel more and more confident in his ability to be this team's primary set-up man.  I like it...

At the dish, the Mets pounded Marlin pitching.  Chris Carter hit two homers, and drove in four runs, and also jumping in on the fun, with a homer, was Rod Barajas.  F-Mart and Ike Davis also hammered the ball today, both delivering two hits a piece.  Ike went 2-3 driving in two runs, and scoring a run.

There are a couple things I like here.  Carter's showing a little life now in the competition for the final bench spot.  F-Mart is quietly putting together a very, very nice spring.  I think now that Mejia is taking the spotlight off of Martinez he might be able to better perform to his abilities.  Mejia seems to have no problem being in the spotlight, in fact he seems to thrive, granted it is only spring.  Mejia has been the one with articles being written about him, not Martinez, and that seems to be feeding into both of their games. 

As for Ike Davis, I am officially in love with this guy.  He absolutely is killing the ball right now.  Everything he hits finds a gap and drives in runs.  BUT, I still feel strongly that he needs to go down to start the season.  He made another error today, his fourth of the spring, and I just don't think it's worth the Mets bringing him up just yet, when Murphy right now is the more reliable fielder. 

Overall, it's a nice day for the Mets when the kids hit like they did today...

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