Monday, March 29, 2010

Coste Claimed By Nats, Santos Becomes Ultimate Back-Up

As reported by Brian Costa, on twitter, of the Nationals have claimed Chris Coste off of waivers.

So, it's safe to assume that Santos will be the back-up...the ultimate back-up.  Not only will Santos most likely be backing up Thole at Buffalo.  Now, it seems like if something happens to Barajas or Blanco, it's safe to assume Santos will be the first guy called up, especially if Barajas gets hurt.  If Barajas were to get hurt the Mets only option would be Santos based on prior experience and the fact that Thole isn't to be ready to be the starting catcher.

So, as much as I've been for dealing Santos, THAT CANNOT be an option right now...Because the Mets cannot afford to head into this season with Riggans second in line for that starter position....

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