Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Davis More Likely to Start in Minors Than Mejia

In an article for the Daily News, Adam Rubin reports on the status of Jenrry Mejia and Ike Davis in regards to the opening day roster.  Rubin says of Davis, "the first-base prospect is far more of a longshot to make the Opening Day roster than righthander Jenrry Mejia, according to Jerry Manuel."  It seems as though Manuel is of the mindset that it's easier for young pitchers to adjust to the majors than young hitters.  Rubin quotes Manuel as saying, "It's a little bit more difficult to make that decision based on a position player unless everybody just has to be 100% in agreement that that's the right way to go.  I would say more young pitchers have made the jump than more young, unproven position players. I could be wrong, but I would think."

I would have to agree with Manuel here.  Especially in this circumstance, because as well as Davis has been hitting, his fielding has been suspect.  It's also tougher to consider Davis, because the Mets are still interested in finding out what they have in Daniel Murphy this season.  Meanwhile, Mejia has been flat out dominant and the Mets have a need in the set-up role that Mejia could fill-in immediately.  Considering all those things, I don't think Manuel's statement is that outlandish...

Also in the article, Rubin updates the status of K-Rod.  According to Rubin, K-Rod returned yesterday and threw a bullpen.  K-Rod is quotes in the article saying, "I was joking with (Johan) Santana: 'If I pitch as well in games as I did in the bullpen, he better get out of the way because that Cy Young is mine.'"

Also of note in the article, MLB has deemed the Mets waiver claim of Jay Marshall (the injured left-hander) void due to a pre-existing arm condition. 

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